packLZH v0.4 release

And now for something completely new:

packLZH v0.4

packLZH is based on packHUF and adds the well known LZ77 algorithm to the mix. Compression ratios highly depend on file content. In most cases, they should be a little worse than those reached by packARI, but at faster compression speeds and much faster decompression speeds.

This has basically not been tested at all, so proceed at your own risk.

packHUF v0.2d update

A minor update to one of my lesser known compression tools.

packHUF v0.2d

What’s new:

  • source code cleanup and beautification
  • file name creation bug fixed

Remember that this only does some basic huffman coding and is intended as a base for your own projects rather than for being used on it’s own.

packARC v0.7RC16 update

Alright, I guess this fixes all remaining known problems:

packARC v0.7RC16

What’s new:

  • improved/fixed temp file handling in Linux
  • fixed some more possible file name creation bugs

Some testing is still needed – that’s why this is not called final :-).

packJPG v2.5j update

Just a very minor update:

packJPG v2.5j

I did some source code optimizations and also fixed some possible (although, in reality: almost impossible) memory leaks. Thanks go to Roger Sibert for recommending CPPcheck, which enabled me to do so.

packARC v0.7RC15 update

And here’s the first actual software update for this site:

packARC v0.7RC15

What’s new:

Upload limit increased: now content-complete

The upload limit was increased thanks to the amazing folks at This finally enabled me to properly upload all my stuff to this place, meaning that this is now complete contentwise. I still intend to do some fine tuning and maybe I’ll find some other interesting stuff to upload to this place.

More stuff and still some trouble

I’ve added even more stuff for you and reorganized some things. There’s still trouble with uploading larger files and I still can’t get that contact form to work. So, this is still only almost complete contentwise.

More progress

Well, look at that. This place is now, regarding content, almost complete. There’s still some stuff that needs work, and some files could not yet be uploaded due to size restrictions. More later.

Too early

Well, seems like the contact form does not work yet. I’ll get to this tomorrow.

Links and contact form online

A list of useful links and the contact form is online. If I did forget something, now you at least know how to contact me ;-).