C64 Development

Like many of us, I started my ‘developer career’ using BASIC on a Commodore C64. These small programs might not be useful to anyone, but they hold some kind of nostalgic value to me. You may run these on any modern PC using an emulator such as VICE.

Download the package from here:
Early C64 Software by Matthias Stirner

The package contains mainly some small testing programs and programing experiments. The more interesting stuff (I guess) is…

  • Indian Necklace, an unfinished but ambitous ‘graphical text adventure’ based on a comic I read and started very ‘late’ in my (C64) programming career,
  • Tips & Tricks, a collection of maps and walkthroughs for some C64 adventure games (including Maniac Mansion),
  • Zahlenraten, a classic ‘guess the number game’ and
  • Teilermenge, a small prorgam to calculate all common divisors of up to 3 numbers.

All of these are german only (I only learned proper english later in my life). You may do with these as you wish and use them under any license.

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