makepgm converts any given (binary) file to a PGM image, viewable in most common graphic viewing programs. It is especially useful for visualization of statistically dependant data, such as – for example – the output from uncmpJPG or even .WAV files. As such it may be an useful tool for developers and researchers working in the field of data compression. Various options for setting the width/height of the resulting image and format of the input data are included. By default, makepgm uses a heuristic matching algorithm to find the width/height that matches best with the given input data.

Download it from here:
makePGM v2.0b (BSD)

For an idea on what makePGM can do, check out this image (click to enlarge), which was created using BeautySlept.wav (included in Matt Mahoneys excellent 10GB corpus).


You may freely use makePGM and it’s source code under the terms of the BSD. makePGM is also included in the JPEG Open Source Developers Package.


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