JPEG Open Source Package

The JPEG Open Source Developers Package, or OSDP for short, is a collection of tools (with source code included) and source code designed to aid developers when designing JPEG and/or data compression specific software.

Download it from here:
JPEG Open Source Developers Package v1.0f

The following software is included:

  • uncmpJPG (base source code for lossless partial decompression of JPEG files)
  • lpaqJPGtest (sample application combining uncmpjpeg and LPAQ)
  • tranDCT (DCT conversion tool for PGM images)
  • JPEGinfo (JPEG analysis tool, writes a CSV file)
  • makePGM (converts any given binary file to an image using advanced heuristics)
  • hcheck (calculates n-th order entropies for any binary file)
  • extrJPG (extracts JPEG files from any given file, f.e. PDF files)

You may use all code found in the JPEG Open Source Developers Package except lpaqJPGtest under the terms of the BSD. lpaqJPGtest contains code originally written by Matt Mahoney and can be used under the terms of the GPL.

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