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  1. Maad Jordan says:

    I’d like to thank you for keeping Packjpg project among others alive. Can you add folder storage in PackARC as it seems that folder information is not saved.

    • PackJPGAdmin says:

      Do you mean by this that empty folders are not restored from archives? I may think about it, but it would also increase archive sizes.

  2. Kalpesh Chhatrala says:


    I want to use your packARC archive code in .net application.

    do you have any wrapper for it ?

    • Matthias Stirner says:

      Hi Kalpesh,

      sorry, but there is no .NET wrapper available for it at the moment. If you should code one, I’d be happy to include it on this site (if you so wish).

  3. Sven Bent says:

    Love packarc.
    however im having issues with big sfx archives. in this case 13 gb. since 2.2gb worsk fine i assumed that ther is a 4gb limit on the resulting .exe due to 32 bit limitations, would it be possibel for a 64bit stub that could work with even bigger files ?

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