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packXXX XXL update

packJPG, packMP3, packPNM, packARI, packHUF, packLZH and unpackJPG are now updated with new contact information and some minor bugfixes. This step was required because the original home of packJPG on the HTW Aalen University website is closing soon (granted, that website is severely outdated now, too). With the original

We are now on GitHub!

Needless to say, this step was long overdue. You may now download all of my source codes, follow my development, fork my software and collaborate with me on my official GitHub repo.

This blog will still get updated, but only with public releases.

packHUF v0.2e update

Developing packLZH, I revised the huffman coding classes for better compatibility with special cases. Here’s the packHUF update containing the new routines:

packHUF v0.2e

What’s new:

  • revised huffman coding routines
  • no external handling of special cases needed anymore

Compression-wise there are no improvements. This only does some basic huffman coding and is intended as a base for other projects rather than be used on it’s own.

packHUF v0.2d update

A minor update to one of my lesser known compression tools.

packHUF v0.2d

What’s new:

  • source code cleanup and beautification
  • file name creation bug fixed

Remember that this only does some basic huffman coding and is intended as a base for your own projects rather than for being used on it’s own.