Comment Spam

During the last few weeks this page experienced what I see as a particularly bad case of comment spamming. You should be seeing nothing, as all these comments are still in my review folder. They have by now only been partially reviewed and there are still 4000+ left to go, of which ~99.9% is spam.

If you have written an actually useful comment and it got/gets caught up in my cleanup frenzy: Sorry! I’m already using Akismet for spam protection (activated it today), but it still seems like an impossible task to review all these comments. If you got an idea how to solve this please write a comment below this post.




  1. Viktor Sz says:

    Maybe Akismet is able to precess previous comments also.

    • Matthias Stirner says:

      Well, I actually did it manually. Using Akismet, I found no way to automatically remove older comments.

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